Your chance to add to the Henry Hoke legend!

‘The Lost Stories of Henry Hoke’ will be a unique opportunity to  share stories, myths and legends and even previously unseen Henry Hoke inventions.

From 1pm to 4.30pm on Saturday 28th May 2016, the Terowie Institute , Main St of Terowie South Australia, will host a gathering  of scholars, shed scientists and others who will focus their brilliant minds on the never ending story of Henry Hoke, our greatest inventor.

This official History Month event will only be a gold coin admission, which includes afternoon tea and a film screening. There will be special extremely rare prizes for the best stories and the best newly-discovered Henry Hoke invention, tool or device.

There will be a BBQ afterwards to aid the Terowie Citizens Association community-building efforts.

It is hoped that this will be one of the best displays of refined bulldust since Henry blew through the town years back.

Contact Mark Thomson via email or phone/text message (0419 865 821) if you are coming . We wouldn’t want to run out of cake and tea cups .

Apply your mighty imaginations to those stories and invention now!

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Second prototype of Toroidal Ring Vortex machine undergoing trials

After years of scrabbling around in the back blocks of Australia’s farm ‘resource collections’ (i.e. the back paddock dump) a second Toroidal Ring Vortex machine has been discovered and is being restored.

Controversially, this is apparently a World War 11 German Wehrmacht machine known as a HF99. The HF apparently stands for Himmel Furz. Finding parts has been very tricky indeed especially something known as “die Klappe Foofer”. Any suggestions welcome.

If you do not know of the Toroidal Ring Vortex Machine, the video clip below shows one being operated by IBYS head chutney consultant Billie Justice Thomson.