Joining the Institute

Underneath all the nonsense on this website, the careful observer might notice that there is a serious streak to all this. We’ve always wanted the Institute of Backyard Studies to be an interesting organisation that people will flock to join, and now it’s finally become a reality.

We had a joining fee for a while but it all got too damn complicated.

Now you can just download a certificate and say you’re a member.

Send us an email to say you’ve done it.  (we won’t send you an avalanche of crap emails flogging stuff).

Membership provides:

  • Advice about upcoming events at which the Institute will have a physical presence.
  • Other good things as we think of them.
  • Bragging rights that you are a member

We  draw the line at funny handshakes.

The Institute is planning to hold more public events, including conferences and practical displays. One suggested event is a Day of Unusual Music – everything from bicycle-powered music to Theremin music (that’s the 50’s electronic device which instantly calls to mind ‘flying saucer’) to, well, anything. Another planned activity is lobbying for the defence of hard rubbish rights, the great ritual redistribution of household resources that takes place in many Australian cities every year. We’d like to encourage other cities, and indeed countries, to adopt this fine practice.

Above all we’d really like to champion the idea of resilient resourcefulness: between climate change and economic turmoil, it seems likely that we will have to learn to make better use of the resources around us and not take so much for granted. And if we can do it with a sense of humour, so much the better.

Associate Members will be actively encouraged to contribute their ideas for projects promoting resilience and resourcefulness to the Institute. We’ll look forward to your suggestions.

To join the Institute as an Associate Member, download the attached certificate and insert your name as you wish.

All we ask is that you keep us up to date with  any good backyardistry you’re up to by emailing us and we can probably stick it on the website.